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Christmas is coming …

John Lewis spend millions on their Christmas advertising and this year is no exception. I just love this year’s Advertisement. Excitable Edgar – a fire breathing young dragon who just loves Christmas but his excitement leads him into trouble – a fire breathing dragon melts the ice children are skating on, burns to cinders the Village Christmas tree and garlands. Edgar scurries away wanting nothing more to do with Christmas – he excludes himself thinking he’s not wanted.

Christmas day comes and the young girl in the Ad. never gives up on Edgar, she invites him to the celebration and gives him a wonderful gift.

It is packed with theology and speaks volumes about what this festival should be about. It speaks about thoughtful gifting – giving of the gift that really matters. It is about acceptance, who is invited to the feast. It touches on community- pulling together, sharing a shared vision.

For me the thing that really stands out is Edgar’s enthusiasm for the season – he just loves Christmas. We may not share Edgar’s enthusiasm but as churches we, like John Lewis, have the opportunity to put across our message. Let us get excited by our special services, Our Christingles, Tree festivals, Carol Services and Christmas happenings. Let us get the message out there, let us tell others and even invite our families, friends and neighbours.

The strapline is “Show them how much you care” – 2000 years ago God showed how much he cared.

Let us like Edgar get Excitable this Christmas.



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